Mastering Her Heart

She captured his heart…can he become the Master of hers?

When Lainie Bryant heads to Texas to rebuild her existence, love is not on her agenda, but the hot cardiologist with the ripped abs pushes all her buttons.

Doctor Matthew Taylor, rugged and handsome, has waited years for the woman meant to be his. Lainie’s as vanilla as they come, but there’s something about her that keeps him intrigued, and when he finds out she’s more than willing to give him the control he needs, things seem perfect.

When a secret obsession comes to light, they only have each other to count on. Matthew is left wondering if he can keep her safe from his past, so they can have a future together.


Surrender ebook.jpg
Securing Her Surrender

She gave him her heart. Now he will accept nothing less than her total surrender.


Samantha was content to never settle down, but that was before Derrick bossed his way back into her life. Now, all she wants to do is surrender to his control.
Derrick spent his life protecting others, so taking over security at his club was a no brainer. What he didn't count on was Samantha and his need for her submission.
Danger from his past interrupts their present, and Derrick will do anything to keep Samantha safe. All he has to do is find the enemy in the shadows before it's too late.